South Africa*Skin-foam-skin Extrusion Line for CAT 6A and CAT 7 Data Cable from HUAWEI Supplier

Our old customers–CBI electric require the line in year 2017 already, their inquiry information as below:
A complete tandem insulation line with draw-box, three extruders, control panel and a dual automatic take-up for 500mm reels.
Specification for the line:
•The line will be used to insulate cores for CAT 6A and CAT 7 LAN cables.
•The copper conductor size is typically 0.55mm.
•The insulation is Polyethylene skin-foam-skin (Inner skin layer, physical foam layer and outer skin layer).
Line speed 1500m/min.
The extrusion materials recommended by Borealis are:
Insulation dimensions and materials:



Inner Skin:



Borealis ME6032 (or similar)
Foam (Cellular) layer:



Borealis HE4873 (or similar) @ 60% blow #
Outer Skin:



Borealis HE4872 (or similar)

Then we prepared the technical offer to them, Mr. Marius, their Supply Chain Manager ask some technical problems and ask some machine pictures for reference. But 4 months later, he told me the project was hold on, I feel so pity.
In the following time, I follow up the project 1~2 months one time, but no positive response.
One day in June in 2019, their engineer Mr. Wilfried write email to me and say that he need to China to visit our factory and users of the line, I am happy to hear the news.
After visiting factory and users, Mr. Wilfried is happy with our machine, and then we get the order in August in year 2019.
Now, the machine are ready for delivery, please see some pictures for your reference.
We have longer and stable cooperation with CBI from year 2014, they also order the optical fiber machine line from us, including coloring equipment with speed 1800m/min, secondary coating machine line etc. We will our further cooperation in future.


Skin-foam-skin extrusion line to produce CAT 6A and CAT 7 data cable

Skin-foam-skin extrusion line to produce CAT 6A and CAT 7 data cable


Auto dual take-up for lan cable machine

Algeria*Whole Factory Project for Low Voltage Cable

LINT TOP start to discuss the whole factory project with SARL GROUP RIADH EL FETH to produce low voltage(lower than 1kv cable) from beginning of year 2018. Mr. Berarma sent email to us to explain their requirement one by one. See following some of their requirement for each machine line:

The bow cabler adopts 1+5 structure and suitable for copper, aluminium and aluminium alloy insulated conductors which are from 5mm to 30mm. And the rigid strander adopts 1+6+12+18 structure and suitable for wire from 1.5mm to 3.55mm. Grease applicators are set in per layer and every cage has pre-forming head and automatic side loading trolley for working efficiency.

Brazil*Optical Fiber Cable Project

FIBRACEM TELEINFORMATICA LTDA is the most famous optical fiber cable factory in Brazil, and we received their first new inquiry in November 2017, they require FTTH drop cable extrusion line. We quoted them two different model, one is 50 extruder the other is 60 extruder, they are different line speed and output. At last, they choose LT50 model FTTH drop cable extrusion line. Some pictures for your reference:

Our customer with great operation experience, they installation and commissioning the full line by themselves follow our drawing. And they are much satisfied with our quality, they say our machine line works in good condition and price is competitive. They inquiry us more equipment as below:
–Coloring equipment(2500m/min)
–LT65 extrusion line (not complete one)
–LT65 extrusion line(complete line)
–LT07-6/800 SZ stranding line
About SZ stranding line, their inquiry are below:
12F – One loose tube, 2 FRP (1,8 and 2mm)and waterblocking
48F – 4 loose tube, one FRP central 3,0mm and waterblocking
72F – 6 loose tube, one FRP 3,0mm and waterblocking
PN1200 take up and pay off
We need the size of lines with 12F, 48F and 72F (not 144F).
Pitch are 25mm (binder yard) and SZ stranding are 180mm, Speed 90 m/min ok for us

OPGW cable (2)

Until now, all machines from LINT TOP have been finished commissioning already, all machines are works well without after-sale service.
We LINT TOP attend cable exhibition held in Brasil in year 2019, we met and discussed some other project with their boss Mr. Bitencourt, we all hope that we LINT TOP and FIBRACEM have further coopertion in future.

OPGW cable (2)

OPGW cable (2)

Algeria*Transformer Project

Macedonia*Low Voltage Copper Cable Project

This is a very successful case in our European market. When customers find us and tell us the type of cable they need to produce, we provide customers with a series of technical solutions. Finally, after communication with customers and process review, we helped customers to choose production lines such as wire drawing machine, bunching machine, extruder, and automatic packaging machine. Installation and commissioning training are all very smooth. The boss of this customer is a cable engineer and their workers are also very professional. During the entire project is put into production, our two parties are very happy to cooperate with each side. For our production equipment, customers are very satisfied with the use of the project. The project was put into production in 2017, and there has been no after-sales problem so far. All production lines are in good working condition now.


(Gordon & Customers )

Algeria*Low Voltage Cable & Communication Cable Project

Algeria is our main market, this is a new customer introduced by our existing customers. The customer contacted us immediately after learning that our cable production equipment was of low price, good quality and stable operation. Our North Africa chief engineer recommended related cable equipment for customer. Finally they purchased wire drawing machines including copper rod breakdown machine, medium wire drawing and fine wire drawing machine.The bunching machine included LT630 and LT1000 type with different type of payoff. There are also production lines for braiding machines, vertical double-head taping machines, rewinding lines, and automatic packaging machines. This customer have strong professional strength, and our equipment has played a strong role in customer factories. The customer re-integrated the equipment according to the type of cable produced, achieving the function of one production line producing several types of cables at the same time. The earliest batch of equipment arrived in 2016. In 2019, customers added new equipment and expanded the production scope. Customers are very satisfied with the practicality of our equipment functions, and the equipment working steadily, saving a lot of production costs every year.

Ecuador*0.6 / 1KV Low Voltage Aluminum Cable

Background: INCABLE is a key customer with long-term cooperation. We supplied Copper rod breakdown machine with annealer, 90+65Pa extrusion line, 120+45 extrusion line, 1860 Coiling machine.
For the whole project of 0.6 / 1KV Low voltage aluminum cable, All technical offers and quotation are confirmed by Oduvaldo, Victor, Ashley and Mandy.
Firstly, Oduvaldo – the director of Incable sent us the required equipment list for 10mm2 to 240mm2 low voltage aluminum cable. Ashley and Mandy quote according to the equipment list. After several technical discussion for 2 months, we reach to the agreement and sign the contact soon.

KPLAST*1 Million Order

From 2013 the first cooperation till now, we are attend Kplast’s power cable production. Also we are the only Chinese supplier to Kplast. Initially they bought most of their key machines from Europe, but the subsidiary machines from LINT TOP. Kplast is now trying to choose LINT TOP machines instead of Europes. Because LINT TOP supplies the best cable machines closed to Europeans. What’s more, we move fast on after-sale service, spare parts shipping.

The first time KPLAST confirms an order around 1 million US dollars, including 64 bobbins aging furnace, HV test system (1500KVA AC/PD test system, heating cycle system, AC withstand test system, etc.). All models cold welders, 40 containers of bobbins as followings:

-Lifter PN800-1250 (3 Pcs)
-Coiler PN1100-1800 (96 Pcs)
-Packing bobbin PND800
-Packing bobbin PND630 (5 Pcs)
-Corrugated steel bobbin PN2550 (50 Pcs)
-Corrugated steel bobbin PN2200 (50 Pcs)
-Corrugated steel bobbin PN2000 (100 Pcs)
-Corrugated steel bobbin PN1600 (100 Pcs)
-Flat plate bobbins PN1250 (250 Pcs)
-Double layer high speed bobbins PND800 (200 Pcs)
-Double layer high speed bobbins PND630 (1000 Pcs)

Each year, Kplast places orders till today. In 2019, they confirmed the order of 800mm buncher and Φ2600 Drum twister. Thanks for Kplast’s trust, this is the best gift we get. LINT TOP is also trying to return the benefit back to Kplast, like whenever we have technician visiting Algeria, we will dispatch the technician to Kplast to maintain the machines from LINT TOP. We believe our friendship will last forever.

Brazil*OPGW Cable

Fujikura confirmed the cooperation with LINT TOP by October, 2013 for their OPGW production. After the first wire and cable fair in Sao Paulo, LINT TOP team visited Fujikura office and both party signed the contract in person finally. LINT TOP as the only Chinese supplier for Fujikura Project, we are much proud. The products confirmed by followings:

-JLY630/1+16 Cradle type stranding machine
-AC wire rewinding line
-SUS wire rewinding line
-PND630 double layer high speed bobbin (300 Pcs)
-PND800 double layer high speed bobbin (12 Pcs)
-PN1400 I-wheel reinforced metal bobbin (50 Pcs)
-PN1600 I-wheel reinforced metal bobbin(15 Pcs)
-LS3T-A cold welder
-LS3T-A double hole die for pure aluminum wire (6 Pairs)
-LS3T-A single hole die for pure aluminum wire (12 Pairs)
-Horizontal tensile testing machine
-Microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine
-SXN-3 wire torsion tester
-SXN-10 wire torsion tester
-Double hole die for pure aluminum wire, size: 2.1/2.3mm
-Double hole die for pure aluminum wire, size: 2.9/3.2mm
-F96 pointing machine (2-8MM)
-ECT-602B eddy current testing equipment

The production time took 6 months, Fujikura sent the technical team for the inspection of finished machines until 2014. LINT TOP team is much grateful to make inspection with Fijikura because the strict and professional work, it’s a great chance for LINT TOP’s development. Just as what we did always, we are glad to accept customer’s strict requirement, as this is the way we make progress.
The installation and commissioning works also went well, Fujikura is much satisfied. You can still check following video.